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Mastering How to Draw Key To Animation

Mastering How to Draw Key To Animation

understanding Animation
Animation comes from the English language (animate) = turn, gives life and shaking inanimate objects.
Animation is the process of creating objects that originally an inanimate object in a sequence in a different position as - if alive.
The discovery of the basic principles of character animation is the human eye, namely: persistance of vision (visual pattern regularly).
Paul Roget, Joseph Plateau and Pierre Desvigenes, through optical instruments they created, managed to prove that the human eye tends to capture a sequence of images - images on tegangang time as a pattern.
Animation used to be very simple, but now that evolved into several types, namely:
Animation of two-dimensional (2D),
Animation of three-dimensional (3D),
Clay animation.
Animation (2D), or commonly called cartoons. Cartoon cartoon itself comes from the word, meaning cute pictures. It is mostly cartoons funny movie Looney Tunes Scooby Doo for example, Doraemon, Legend, Sun King, The Lion King, Brother Bear.
3D animation
Finding Nemo, the animated film is an example of the so-called 3D animation or computer generated image (CGI). CGI animated film produced a picture really - really alive and three dimensional, not just flat. One of the biggest CGI studio is located in Emeryville, California.
In addition to Finding Nemo, Pixar also produces Monsters, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and A Bugs Life. Toy Story is the first long filim animation using 100 percent computer animation.

sample screenplay

Next to Love Clapping Hands

Romi: The story begins on the second day MOS. Initially everything was just normal - normal, but after she came everything changed. Oh yes, my name is Romi, dah my age reaches 15 years. Now I sit on a bench in high school.

Scane 1: In the Hall of the school

Khaerul: Good morning all ...
Andi: This morning also, how many balloons carrying ta sob?
Khaerul: Jeez, forgot ka also bring sob.
Romi: Quiet maki sob, I take a lot ji ditas
Andi and Khaerul: Can I get one?
Romi: Boo,,, clear noodles

Scane 2: Then a beautiful girl came to greet them all three.

Arni: Listen - hear lots of balloons ta take it, can ask one karna ka ka forgot to bring the balloon.
Romi: iye, many ji I take, I take tungguh nahc first ..
Romi: This ...
Arni: Ma love ..
Romi: Sama - equal
Arni: Oh yeah,, I might know a guy who's name ta?
Romi: if I Romi, we?
Arni: Arni, Greetings
Khaerul: Love knows ki je also Rom
Romi: Oh yes,, this is my friend, Andi ma Khaerul
Arni: Hmmm ... I know that Andi karna ji ji's neighbor.
Andi: Hehehe
Khaerul: Greetings
Arni: Greetings. Oh yes, Perga ka ma first friend - my friend.
Once again thanks for the balloon.
Romi: Oh yes, the same - the same

Scane 3: Eat dikanting School

Romi: Andi, ass girl was sob your house?
Andi: Oh .. Arni? Three home before my CEZ. Kenapa'i?
Romi: nope jie, ask Jeka new kahc ka also know says
there are close to your house pale ta age
Andi: Oh .. ki also recently moved sob, no mi 1 week. Kenapa'i kahc?
Romi: nope ji, ask Jeka
Andi: Cahc, I think there kedo heart - kedo ni.
Romi: Ah,, Random na,,
Andi: ciee,, red cheeks
Romi: Aitz .. Already mi deh,, this balloon
Andi: Ok,, thanks nah,,

Scane 4: Round School

Arni: We tohc Romi, who love ka last balloon.
Romi: Iye, kenapa'i?
Arni: Once again thanks nah.
Romi: hehehe,,, same - the same
Arni: Oh yes,, Just who ki home?
Romi: Self ji, we are yah?
Arni: Alone ji too, where the ta Romi?
Romi: Near the house ji also Andi, just when I was near
Arni: Oh ... if so at maki Paen
Romi: Aits ... fear ka
Arni: Why Fear ki?
Romi: Later on there were angry.
Arni: hehehe,,, any na. Nope there jie.

Romi: I do not know why my heart is pounding - pounding when close to him. Is this perceived when we love someone? Was cool being with him.

Scene 5: At school

Romi: When I want to shoot him but why did he have to be taken by someone else. That person is not someone else but that person was my best friend that Khaerul. At first I was angry but what power he ma she can only smile with Khaerul. I just can mengikhlaskan departure with my best friend

Aircraft animation

Aircraft animation

1. Make bacrkground screen at frame 1. Make a box that meets the stage, and give a color that matches the color to the sky. Right click frem 160 select insert frame background screen lock.

2. Create a new screen and name it "clouds". on frame 1 screen cumulus clouds draw then converted into move clip, name the "cloud". Put a cloud that is so outward stage left.

3. Click the movie clip cloud and open action panel
(F9). Then write the following script on clip event (load) {_y = 100 + random (400):}}

4. Copy clouds movie clip into several pieces with different sizes and layouts - different but the outside left of the stage. Right click and select insert frame 160 after it locks the screen.

5. Make a new display and name display aircraft. Right-click the screen frame 20 plane tickets and draw shapes. After that the plane made ​​group (Control + G)

6. Put the plane in the frame 20 to the outside next stage. Right-click the frame 50 to the middle - the middle of the stage and create a motion tween.



What is "Proposal"?
-  It is the translation of the word "proposal" which means "origin", so that the proposal is a proposal / description of the planned activities
- In general the proposal is a form of submission of bids, whether it be ideas, ideas, thoughts, and plans to others for support, permission, approval, funding and so on.
At the time of Proposal Created When?
Proposal Made By the time;
1. will do an activity
2. These activities can be either small or large scale activities, substantiating the proposal, the committee tried to proposal / offer to certain parties
3. Proposal may include a request for help (usually in the form of material assistance / funds / goods) or the shape of bid proposals also are mutually beneficial cooperation
Who and Whom in Create Proposal?
1. Proposal drafted jointly by the committees formed
2. The proposal suggested / offered to certain parties, such as: Donors & Sponsors
3. Party to whom the donor is expected to help in the form of material assistance / goods / funds given freely without reciprocity similar
4. Party donors are usually those who have interest in the kinds of activities that are planned and are willing to assist the smooth operation of a positive
5. The sponsor is the party to whom the offer given the nature of mutually beneficial cooperation between the committee by the sponsor
6. The sponsor is usually the party that is doing the promotion / marketing of a particular product
7. Forms of cooperation with the sponsor in the form of a reciprocal relationship in which the committee will ask for some money / items / facilities to support these activities, while the sponsor requested a facility where he can promote / market their products
Destination Proposal?
1. To conduct research related to religious, social, political, economic and cultural
2. To establish small, medium, or large
3. To apply for tenders from government agencies or private
4. To apply for a loan to the bank
5. For bleak events, seminars, discussions and training.
Systematics / Composition Writing Proposal?
1. Title page
2. Background]
3. Destination Activities
4. Name and Theme Activities
5. Form Activity
6. Participant
7. Organizer
8. Schedules and Locations Activity
9. Composition of Events
10. Composition of Committee
11. Budget Plan
12. Cover
13. Offers (sponsorship)

Lighting Function

Lighting Function
In general, lighting serves to establish the situation, motion actors shine, and refine the expression for the creation of the character actor. Thus, the public's imagination to a particular situation, the tragic, the sublime, the escape from the everyday world or specific illumination.
In particular, lighting can serve to
make choices for all matters shown
It is very important for the light is able to act on the stage to let the audience be able to see comfortably and clearly. What looks will depend on a number of lighting, size of the object that is highlighted light, some objects the reflected light, the contrast with the background, and the distance of the object and the observer.
reveal the shape
If a staging of the play highlighted by ordinary light, then the cast, and equipment (property), and all parts of skeneri will appear flat or flat, uninteresting. Here does not appear sharp rays (high-light), no shadows, and monotony. In order for the affected objects visible light with reasonable shape, then the spread of high-beam should have a low degree of illumination that provides diversity yield difference between high and low-level lighting it.
Disclosure forms essentially enhanced by the lighting. Angle of light and special light direction, to be mixed together carefully to produce a balanced lighting to existing difference between shadows and shadow. Contrast and color diversity are also the parts that have to be distinguished so as to memikiat attention of the audience.
make a reasonable picture
In the function, also including artificial light natural light create a picture that gives instructions on a day-to-day, local time, and season.
a composition
Composing with light is the same as using light as a design element. This is related to the need skeneri, which objects should be highlighted with a low intensity / high until berkomposisi good, shadow patterns should also be considered.
create an atmosphere (heart / soul)
With the light settings is expected to create a feeling or mood including psychiatric effects created by the cast, supported by light.


CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada. It is also the name of Corel's Graphics Suite, which bundles CorelDraw with a bitmap image editor, Corel PhotoPaint, and other graphics-related programs (see below). The latest version is designated X6 (equivalent to version 16), and was released in March 2012.

In 1987, Corel hired software engineers Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne to develop a vector-based illustration program to bundle with their desktop publishing systems. That program, CorelDRAW, was initially released in 1989. CorelDRAW 1.x and 2.x runs under Windows 2.x and 3.0. CorelDRAW 3.0 came into its own with Microsoft's release of Windows 3.1. The inclusion of TrueType in Windows 3.1 transformed CorelDRAW into a serious illustration program capable of using system-installed outline fonts without requiring third-party software such as Adobe Type Manager; paired with a photo editing program (PhotoPaint), a font manager and several other pieces of software, it was also part of the first all-in-one graphics suite.

The first book devoted to CorelDRAW was Mastering CorelDRAW by Chris Dickman, published by Peachpit Press in 1990, with a contribution by Rick Altman. Dickman also founded and published the independent Mastering CorelDRAW Journal publication, and created and ran the first site dedicated to CorelDRAW,, from 1995 to 1997.

Computer Requirements for Running Adobe Premiere Pro

PC (Personal Computer) is used to process both the video file capture and editing using Adobe Premiere Pro software. PC to be used at least should have the following specifications: • Processor Intel ® Pentium ® III - 800 Mhz • 256 MB RAM • Hard drive speed 7200 rpm with a large capacity (empty space of at least 20 Gb) • Card 32 Mb VGA (monitor resolution 1024x768 pixels) • Sound Card that supports DirectX • CD-ROM/RW and DVD-ROM/RW to write in VCD and DVD format • Capture Card DV / IEEE 1394 Card • Operating System Windows XP Home / Pro Edition To use the Adobe Premiere Pro to use Microsoft Windows XP as the operating system. This is because Adobe Premiere Pro can run only on the operating system. Others with Adobe Premiere version 6.5 can still run on Windows 98SE operating systems and Windows2000.