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Derby Romero

Derby Romero

 Derby Romero whose full Martua Rumero Derby Nainggolan (born June 8, 1990, age 22 years) is an Indonesian actor. Starring is known after playing in the film Adventure Sherina. Derby Romero Protestants also have played a role in the film Last Soldier Janus.

Old vacuum from acting, Derby busy finishing school. Derby return to the entertainment world with her acting in the soap opera Pupa, who once aired on SCTV.Dia been together with the Gita again ......
In addition to acting, the actor who quit studying law, try your luck in the world of drag votes. By holding Iras Dollaren, he formed the duo Derby and launched his first single, "Gelora Asmara". This song later became one of the soap opera that starred soundtrack, cocoon. On the second album, Derby Duo change the format of a band called The Revolution In addition to Derby and busy in the world of music, Derby also starred in several movies Television (FTV).

Personal life:
In his personal life, Derby had two years to establish the love with a new artist, Ingrid Pangalila. Ingrid is the older brother of actor Randy Pangalila. Unfortunately this love stranded braid and then Derby a love affair with Kanyadewi Dinda were also stranded in the middle of the road. Currently being a love affair with the beautiful talented singer Gita Perry. Both are brought together in the film "Love In Perth" and a duet in the movie OST "Love never wrong". This duo managed to get an award in Indonesian Movie Awards 2011, the Original Soundtrack to.

In early 2012, Perry Gita affair and Derby Romero said to have run aground. Suspected cause is because Derby decorate her body with tattoos. Derby also flatly denied the news.
After dropping out of the Gita, he reportedly had an assessment with Eza pesinetron Gionino, but the news was denied by Derby. He is now reportedly close to Febby Rastanti, his co-star in the soap opera Grey White.


·    Petualangan Sherina (2000)
·    Janus: Prajurit Terakhir (2003)
·    Love in Perth (2010)

Soap opera:
·    Kepompong
·    Mawar Melati
·    Janji Cinta Aisha
·    Putih Abu-Abu

·    Derby

·    Fantasiana (Trans TV) / 2002

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