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Cerpen Bahasa Indonesia "TRUE LOVE"

Bahasa Indonesia
ay guys this time I'm posting stories niich hopefully stories of our friends made it fun yes Cahya Nuraini

 Why must you there before me now? why is not he who is already in my heart since the first? I'm sorry I used to have to hate you, because maybe now it's karma for me. Forgive me, leave me, give me a first love. Not him god .....Vaguely I open my eyes had been blinded by the radiant sun because of the window. Apparently Mbok figure that has been taking care of the child.
"Good morning non.""Mbokk morning,,,""Mistress waiting for breakfast non""Iia mbok, thank you" ..My name is valentina cicilia nugraha, I was born just in time for Valentines Day because I always brhrap Yamada got the love from everyone. It's true, life is almost perfect. I'm a pretty smart kid not stupid-stupid yah lah very rough terms. Having parents who love me, abundant wealth, a beautiful face, a lot of friends, and lots of guys who like. Right now I'm in a relationship with someone, he's my schoolmate named dani. Sejujurya I do not really love him, but in the popular kid in school because he's cool for sure and because pressure from my friends to be willing to accept dani a boyfriend, then I will establish a relationship with him, had hmpir 4 months and now I have one high school grade."Morning dear,," said my mother at the dinner table."Morning ma, papa where?""No meeting your father, so it should go ahead.""Ohh .." both of us breakfast but soon .......... "Morning ....!" Courtesies that sounds familiar to me. Yes, the dani is like a personal driver for me. Wherever I go he's ready to deliver. In fact he was willing to drive each morning pick me up."Morning dear," said my mother.
     He also kissed me on both cheeks and berslaman to mama. They are quite familiar, and there is no word shame. I even get scared if they have to continue the relationship into marriage with dani krna I did not really love him."Unfortunately today there are replicates, we leave right now, yes, because I have not learned" as stiff as before dani talk more with my mama."Oh, let's yaudah. Salim is mama GIH "we also went to school drove his car bmw, dani was the child so that he became the haves and the coolest kid in school most admired."Unfortunately, today there is reportedly a new student in my class.""Ohhh,,," I said cool, because I did not feel like talking to him."You what? sick, "he asked smbil trying to stroke my hair, but I dodged."I'm not okay, its just a little dizzy because of staying up semalem"."Ngapaen stay up? learn? ""Not really, I watch the ball". I replied to dampen the tense atmosphere in the car.Finally we arrived at the school."I love first, yes, I would nyamperin children first" I said "yes". We also split on the road to the school parking lot and I walk alone to the class, luckily I met my friends. Rani, bella and lia."Heyyy, wait" shouted"Ehhh, she is our daughter has come," joked the rani who is son goookill abizzz."Ihh, fuck sihh""Uh-uh, do not know, she says there's a new kid in class gue.katanya lohh heck of Java guy, I hope ajah saucy."
     Lia who interrupted the child is really like ngeliatin aka handyman nyeleksi cwok. Nearly all the boys in this school he is known not only friends but also a force-grade boys 2 & 3.
"Already know how come from the dany" I replied."Lia if tuh be saucy for me. Cilla, we are today replicates the physics right? 've learned lo "asked bella to me.
     I have not had time to answer the bell but it was in and we ended up running into the classroom.
     At recess rang suddenly there is one friend who told me"Cilla Cilla, the dany fight behind the school" fikirku let alone, yet he was bruised ngrasaen, dani is the child of false bravado. Because of her many friends and an older class so he often looking for trouble dengana first graders. But I'm a girlfriend, so I have to ride at least absent dong! I will slide into the back of the school. Once until the beginning I let it go, to see who is in hajarnya this time and when I asked who got beat lia apparently is the new kid. I noticed the new face of the child because it is a familiar face to me and my new SJA realize it was Ali, my first love when I was in elementary school grade 5. Although in saying still small, but still no one succeeded him in my heart. Stunned, shocked but happy. Immediately, I ran and tried to break up fights this. To be honest all my friends surprised because I never aggressive to arbitrate disputes dany."Sudaaahh! stop "turned my face to face with dany dany emotion but it has not gone down sehigga me who exposed killer punch, soon I tersugkur fall. Dani deeply regret but still shocked to see me fall in contrast to the direct ali held me for trying to help me but was immediately pushed dany fall and keep him away from me. I passed out and did not remember anything else. But I still vividly remember the handsome face that was half surprised to see me just as I was surprised to see him.
     Having realized that I had been in the room. And all my friends have gathered, I will call lia and asked to explain. "Lia, there was in fact what the hell?""That was the same annoyance dany ali the new kid, because he thought it was pretentious ali gandrungi cool and a lot of girls in the class. Yeah, I think anyway in dany began to lose competitiveness so deh, ali emang dany but not as rich as so many girls who ask nomernya. '"Including lo?' As rigid"Exact""May I ask?""For what?""Apologize for the treatment dany""Sembunyiin lo something from me ...""I have not time for li story, will you tell me for sure. Plisss do you know to dany ya! ""Sip"
     After giving numbers lia ali, dany liapun exit and entry. But I pretended to faint. When dany has expressed regret and apologized he too told me to go home. When everyone had gone home I will not waste time and immediately phoned ali. I hesitated squeeze one by one number that. Tuttttt tuuuttt tuuuutt telephone connection that makes me sound a little shaky."Hallo!" Sound that had always remained unchanged in my ear. Sounds syang loving figure in my heart"Hello, ali" I tremble happy but tears dripping."Who are you?""You do not mngenalku again? it's me ""Cilla" but I'm speechless, it's like mouth could not say a word. "Cilaa, Cilla, answer me. Do not be silent cil, I miss your voice. ""I al. I was intending to meet you. Tomorrow in the school garden "after I closed telephone. I was relieved, I was happy and I cried. Tuhannn thank you, I know you love me god.
     The next day I will meet with ali and existing park figure guy, waiting. High Bdannya strapping."Ali" I called softly and immediately sat down beside him. But he just looked at me with the."Why do you look at me like that?""Cilla unchanging beauty.""You crap ..""No,""You cool al,""Departure cil has transformed my attitude, you do not realize. Your leaving me shattered, without letters and word ""I do not bermaksut al, smpai now I still sayank you, my love never changed. Kedaan when it was difficult. Corporate bankruptcy daddy. I had to move several times to support the family economy. I also sadly can no longer communicate with you ". Silence blanketed the afternoon."Where love al? they lost it? '."I do not know ... lost years I was looking for and the only spirit that I have. What do you think. Indeed, we are still small, but it's different persaan cil. ""I know Al, but must you bestow keslahan that to me? little girl who does not know anything! "imperceptible grain nodes suddenly dripping and tears profusely."Do not cry cil, I did not mean to make you cry. I always lose and melted when seeing menngis "and immediately hugged me ali. He usapnya crystal clear in my cheek with his fingers loving syang. But it seems our bad day, dany suddenly appeared and wrong. Without length he told his friends to hold while dany ali beat. I try to hold it as best I can, but muscular hand I still unlucky to lose power. And I had to hug dany to dampen anger. He melted. I see ali disappointed. And immediately lowered her head."Hear ya lo bastards, never lo deketin my girl again. Once again I lo clay deketin my girl. Mampuss lo! ""If a girl lo deketin I do?"I startled bersma dany group. I also was surprised because Ali was able to say that, as if he did not try to protect me. "Ahhhh, tahikk lo .."in hajarnya ali for the second time."Sayank, already, not in ladeni this cowardly boy!"sarcastically cynical. Alipun like mennyesali words.
     Tonight I was thinking about ali, sayings which I think is very, very painful. But suddenly there was a sound of knocking on the door."There are non""CWE cwo what?""Non guy"
     Kufikir the dany but how surprised I was because it turns out that comes ali. Confused because I wanted to see what was not to be honest I'm still angry with him."Chatting in the park wrote al" I bete. I pimpim road ahead to get to the front garden. We then sat on a bench in the middle of the park. Mbok told me to fetch a drink for him. Shortly silent but ali berusha for fishing chat between us. "Still angry?""Still""I have to how""You should not biacara like that.""Afraid?""Mean?""Cnta it should be fearless. Knows no pain. "" I bukn tomboy who were aged 9 th al. I am 15 years old teen al. I've changed ""I know, but love is not it?""Forever only for you.""Would you still smpan it for me?""Just for you, and forever for you" slowly we hold both our lips, and slowly but we also touch the lips PstI. He gently creamed lips. And the first kiss on the forehead. Unfortunately at the time I forget that I already have an appointment to dany, lia, bella, and rani. They all saw what happened. "Lo son of a bitch!" New dany want to hit ali, I've been in depanya and again, I was exposed to punch in the head. But I try not to faint."Stop and. Nyadar not siih lo. During this same ignorant tuh me so lo lo dump me. I want to finish with GAX lo lo sick because I was afraid. Ali and my first love, because that's what I do not ever nganggap all my girlfriend loves me seriously because sebenrnya for Ali and Cuma. Plisss, ngertiin me, grow up a little and. If my dear lo, I relain ""Ok, lo win sob, I'm not going to disturb the relationship lo both again. We maen fair here "berlalulah dany."Ciehhhh, the Princess had finally found true love of the true love" crap rani"Ciehhh ... ciehhh" cried bella and lia. Tomorrow full nieh ....
     Meriahlah atmosphere that night. Canda mirthful laughter. Hepi kusnendang yah guys. Hopefully my relationship lasting until grandfathers and grandmothers alike the ali i love .... hehehee. ..

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