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Shot PutShot put is one branch of athletics. Athletes shot put throw heavy iron ball as far as possible. Heavy bullets:

    * For senior men = 7257 kg
    * For senior girls = 4 kg
    * For the junior men = 5 kg
    * For the junior girls = 3 kg
Shot Put (Shot Put)The techniques to be learned in the shot put, among others:A. Holding Techniques BulletsHow to hold the bullets, which are:1. The bullet is placed at the top of the palm of your hand2. Fingers apart or opened, ring finger, middle finger and index finger is used to press and hold the rear of the bullet. While the little finger and thumb are used to hold or stop a bullet the side to keep from falling or slipping.3. Once the bullet is held well, then place it on the shoulders and menmpel (embedded) in the neck. Elbow raised to the side, slightly oblique to the front.4. At the time of holding and put a bullet in the shoulder, keep the entire body and hands in a flaccid (relaxed). The hand of the other arm to help maintain balance.Look at the picture show below!B. Attitude Engineering Agency in Time will rejectThere are 2 techniques posture at the time would reject, namely:a. Unorthodox style (sideways)Stand straight sideways towards repulsion, wide open legs (crotch), straight left leg forward, right leg bent forward, slightly oblique to the right, the weight is on right foot, and body slightly leaning to the right side. The right hand holds the bullet in the shoulder (shoulder), left arm bent, in front of a slightly oblique to the limp. The left hand serves to assist and maintain balance. The view is directed towards the target (repulsion).Look at the picture show below!b. Style O'Brien (backs)It distinguishes between orthodox style and style is the attitude of the early O'Brien. In the orthodox style sideways posture, while O'Brien turned on the style of direction repulsion.C. How to Take Prefix (square off)a. Laterally (orthodox)When using unorthodox style, sideways posture stance toward repulsion from the beginning to move forward to menolakkan bullets.Look at the picture show below!b. The way back to the opponent (O'Brien)When using the O'Brien style, posture backs attitude toward repulsion from the beginning to move forward to menolakkan bullets.Denagn bullet backs repulsive force is also called O'Brien style, because the person who first introduced the use and at the same time the force is called Parry O'Brien. Force is used during the Olympic Games in 1952 Helsinky.Look at the picture show below!D. Technique After Refusing Final MovementTechniques after final movement rejected, namely:a. After the bullet out of hand, as soon as the rear legs down or occupy land front legs / feet with knees slightly bent pivot.b. Subsequently appointed to the rear pivot foot and limp lururs to help maintain balance.c. Body leaning to the left front, chin up, the view towards the fall of the bullet.d. The right hand is bent forward a little bit to the bottom of the body, hands or limp left arm straight to the back to help keep your balance.Look at the picture show below!E. The Things to Avoid in the Shot Put Prefix backsThings that should be avoided as follows:a. The attitude of the initial position of balance, right leg doing the leap.b. Do not pull your right leg far enough down the body.c. Landed with his right foot facing backwards.d. Movement of the foot too far to the left side.e. Too quickly move the body.F. The Things to Look for in Shot Put Prefix backsThe things to be aware of the following:a. Keep feet are always low and hard to survive.b. Do the left foot to push backc. Keep hips and shoulders facing left far behind.d. Turn right into the leg during the glide.e. Keep the left arm in the closed position.
G. Pictures or Form Field Shot PutB. Things to Look For In Shot Put TechniqueTerms disqualification / failure of participants shot put: - Touching beam upper limit - Touching the ground outside the circle - a circle out of the front entrance diameter - dipangil for 3 minutes not refuse - Bullets in place on the back of the head - Bullets fall outside the circle sector - Stepping on the perimeter of the field - out through the front of the perimeter - Exit circular walk quietly - Participants failed to throw a pitch is 3 times

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