Kamis, 22 November 2012

What does greening global warming?


What does greening global warming?

in class was there a teacher friend of mine asked me about the relationship Ipa greening global warming ..

so I replied with my answer this

The sun's rays enter the earth that will be absorbed by existing plants. However, if the earth is not voting (or decreases) the forest or vegetation sunlight falling to earth will be reflected back to the sun through the atmosphere which over time will lead to the ozone layer being perforated (that's what is called the greenhouse effect) and without coating hence ozone sunlight d trima earth that will not be possible anymore in the filter until the earth receives full sun.
goal of greening itself is actually to reduce the greenhouse effect and ozone reduces the perforation. because just as that td gw blg that sunlight falling will d absorption by plants.
This is the same as we shined the flashlight into the mirror, perform automatic mirror will reflect light, right?
it is different if we tutp cerminya use fabric, the light from the lamp was not alters the reflected by the mirror. kira2 like that gambarannya.kalo greening is the completion of global warming. reply global warming adalahakibat lack of greening global warming is due to increased concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere .. and the green is a way of keeping the number of trees that serves to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere

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