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IPA Endogenous labor


Endogenous labor

This time I am posting my first class materials sewaktru I was in grade ten

A. Endogenous labor
Endogenous Power can also be referred to as tectonic energy, which comes from the earth.
Endogenous Power is forming a new structure to the earth's surface.
Endogenous labor, consisting of
1. process Diastropisme
2. process folds
3. process Fault
4. volcanism
4.1 The term-term volcanism:
4.2 Symptoms Volcanism

1. Diastropisme process is the process that resulted strutual folds and faults regardless of magma but the power of the earth.

2. The occurrence of folds:
If the force that suppresses endogenous lithospheric horizontal direction and lie on the surface of the earth resulting in the formation of peaks and fold menybabkan lembah.Bentuk earth's surface from the results of this process there are two, namely:
peak folds (anticline) and valley folds (syncline)

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