Minggu, 25 November 2012

Story: The Youth Poor and Rich Girl

~> The Youth Poor and Rich Girl <~
One day there was a poor young man to shoot her
She said,
"Listen, you monthly salary equal to the expenditure diary ..! Should I go out with you?
I will never love you. So forget myself and go out with other people of the same level with you "
But somehow the young man could not let it go

10 years later, they meet in a shopping mall.
The woman said, "Hey You! Howdy Now I'm married. Did you know
how salary my husband? Rp.20 million per month! Can you imagine? She is also very smart "
The young man's eyes in tears hearing her words, a few minutes later the woman's husband came. Before she could say anything,
her husband said: "Sir ...?! I'm surprised to see you here.
Introduce my wife. "
Then he said to his wife, "Recommend Bossku, My Boss's single you know ..

He loves a girl but the girl refused. That's why he was not married. Unfortunate girl ..
Is not it not adalagi loving person like that??. '
The woman was shocked and embarrassed so do not dare to look into the eyes of the young man.

"Sometimes the people we hurt and we will be more successful much despised than we imagine ... After all happening there arose a regret from her ...
Sometimes people will use in abject insults to mengapai a success.
Not a treasure that will make us happy αpï thankful that make us happy!!!

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