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Which include entrepreneurial characteristics Toil Discipline Commitment Honest Creative Innovative Mandiri Realistic

 Characteristics of entrepreneurs according to Bygrave? Its known as 10 D
1. Dream meaning: entrepreneurs have the vision and desire for personal and business future 2. Decisivennes means: work quickly and calculating 3. Doers means: do not put off a good opportunity, and immediately follow up any decisions 4. Determination means: running events with full responsibility 5. Dedication means: dedication towards work is very high sometimes kaang expense of the family for a while. 6. Devotion means: love the business and the products it produces 7. Detail meaning: love attention critical factors in detail 8. Destiny means: responsible for the fate and the goals to be achieved 9. Dollars mean: entrepreneurs do not give priority to the achievement of wealth and money ' 10.Distribute means: bersediah distribute ownership of the business to someone you trust.
Entrepreneurial Characteristics according to conclusions of the expert is: Full of initiative and kreaif in trying Honest, diligent and tenacious bertnggung answer Advanced and clever character Positive mental attitude Discipline in trying Interesting personality Able to take advantage of business Cus Ready to accept the risks in doing business Confident and backwards oriented front Full motivational and prestatif Task-oriented and results Responsive to changing business world Work economical and efficient Having a vision of future backwards in its efforts Quick get along with others Having endurance and persistent in trying Able to work long and hard work in trying Highly committed to their duties

Entrepreneurs can be grouped into three levels namely:
1. Entrepreneurial reliably namely: Entrepreneurial and ability to behave more prominent in mobilizing resources and funds, as well as transforming (changing shape) into autput and market efficiently
2.Wira entrepreneurs that Tangguh:? Entrepreneurial behave and ability to stand out in creativity, innovation, and mengantisifasi in the face of risks to be faced and able to cope.
Entrepreneurial traits Tough Namely: Think and act strategically, adaftif and antifatif to changes Having a competitive advantage and win the competition Customer oriented Being able to locate and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, and the opportunities and threats from the external environment Creative and innovative in seeking, finding and taking advantage of opportunities and willing to take risks
3. Leading businessman Wira namely:? Entrepreneurial ability to behave and not only in mobilizing resources and turn them into products, and market, but at also have the creativity, as a reformer, antisifatip, and the courage to face and accept the risks 

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