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PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED bathing the corpse.

PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED bathing the corpse.

[b] 1. As per the deceased's will. If the deceased powered bequeath KPD sseorang trtentu For body wash [/ b]
then that person has the right to bathe.
2. If the deceased ill willed KPD anyone
it has the right adlh father or grandfather grandfather location then his son or his grandchildren that of men.
3. If no one is able to
org deceased relatives who may appoint another trust trpercaya For bathing.
4. If the deceased is a woman, (according to his will if any)
if it cut no mother or grandmother-grandmother, and then her daughter or grandchildren that woman. If they will not encounter problems existing between the family of a woman who may appoint another mandate trpercaya to bathe.
PLACE bathing the corpse.
-should trtutup, both walls and roof.
It is recommended that that bathing the corpse trsbt choose 2 org dr family of the deceased. A devout and understand them, so interchangeable provide trsbt pngarahan when bathing the corpse. Another common reply, so he saw the corpse is bathed and collapsible inverted upside down, so that mudah2an be a lesson for him.
Ill be allowed to enter the place of bathing the corpse dr trsbt over 3 org. Because it's in the doghouse.
EQUIPMENT FOR YG bathing the corpse ..
-let him wear the nose and mouth in order to cover ill-savory smell wafted him miscarry.
-let him wear body armor so that's a good feeling kotoran2 like the rest of the water or waste water leaves lote morbidly mothballs on clothing.
-let him wear gloves lest brsentuhan skin directly with the deceased and that kotoran2 ill on his hands.
mnyediakan bbrpa-liter of water in accordance with the appropriate dose that dibutuhkn.
-mnyediakan juice in a bucket of water mixed with 1 cup of juice leaf size containing lote in accordance with the dose.

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