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Seni Budaya
Rock music is one of the music loud rhythmic flow of the songKinds of kinds of rock music:


    Progressiv Rock is the kind of music that started to develop at the end of the decade of the 60's and reached its heyday in the 70's, incorporates elements of rock, classical music jazzdan
    Alternative Rock is a genre of rock that emerged in the 1980 andan became very popular in 1990.
    Hard Rock is a subgenre of rock music that is rooted in the psychedelic rock genre and garage rock band in the mid-1960s. Characteristic of this music is the addition of voice distortion effects on electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and drums. Distortion among others added with the help of effects pedals, amplifiers early (preamp), amplifier, or speakers
    Punk Rock is a movement of anti-establishment rock music that originated in the United States, Australia, and England around the year 1974-1975, spearheaded by groups such as the Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Damned, and The Clash.
    Heavy Metal is a genre of rock that developed in the 1970s. The flow of this music that pretty much put the guitar.
​​Metal is a genre of music that emerged in the late 1970s and is a precursor to thrash metal. This music is a faster version of the music played by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple. Speed ​​metal became famous through NWOBHM bands. Many speed metal band also called thrash and power metal bands.
    Trash Metal extreme metal is a subgenre of heavy metal, characterized by having a fast tempo and aggressive. Thrash metal songs typically use low stem tone guitar and percussion that fast.
    Grincore is some combination of extreme music: inspiration started from several genres of popular music are very fast (like sharpening) industrial, extreme metal and hardcore punk.
    Death Metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal music that evolved from thrash metal in the early 1980s. Some of his trademark song is the theme of violence or death, low rhythm guitar (downtuned rhythm guitars), rapid percussion, and dynamic intensity. Vocals are usually sung by grunt (grunt death) or growl (death growl). Singing techniques as is also often called "Cookie Monster vocals".
    Black Metal was started by the band Venom in 1982 through album titled Black Metal. followed by bands like Bathory, Mayhem, Mercyfull Fate, Hellhammer / Celtic Forst. all band together too Influence Venom. Black metal bands still tend to play thrash metal. In the early 80s up to the 90s, Black metal is highly developed in Scandinavia by the band over the area earlier. Type of metal music is also the kind of underground metal. Black metal has a sub-genre called NSBM, Neo Nazi Black metal two communities, including the influential Underground community.

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